Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RSD plans meetings to discuss the future

By Tia Vice

Trumpet Blogger

The RSD held a District A public opinion meeting. These meetings are about the school building assignments and are scheduled for each district throughout January. They are very good forums for getting public questions and opinions about the RSD. Specifically, the recent building assignment meeting included a presentation on the RSD plans for school development and demolition. Representatives explained how they came up with those plans and how it will fits into the education master plan.

So far, the RSD knows what buildings have been demolished, and where the new ground is broken to build new buildings. The RSD also knows how much money has been spent on these projects, and how much money will be allocated for the projects.

During the meeting, comments, suggestions and questions from the public were addressed about the RSD schools by officials. Paul Vallas, superintendent of the RSD, gave a response to the questions from the public.

In addition, community engagement meetings have been scheduled for this summer and there will be about five community sessions for each individual school project for the surrounding neighborhoods to receive community input on upcoming projects.

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