Monday, February 6, 2012

Hollygrove Livable Communities Meeting

On February 1st there was a Hollygrove Livable Communities' Meeting hosted at the local Farmer's Market on Olive St. Attendants of the meeting included concerned local community members and a representative from City Hall. The main speaker of the meeting was architectural designer Kevin Fergueson from Capital Projects. Mr. Fergueson came to give an update on the plans for the replacement of the Hollygrove Senior Center. He was able to show the floor plans of the Senior Center which included suggestions people had to offer from previous meetings. The floor plans of the Senior Center included the following:
-a covered entrance with a ramp
-21 parking spots
-doctor's office
-social security office
-exercise room
-performance studio
-arts and crafts area
-tax aid/consulting area
-covered tables and sitting outside
-computer library
Afterwards a 3-dimensional image was shown of what each side of the building would look like. Although the design is not yet set in stone it was a good depiction of the buildings outcome. The current estimated cost of this project is $2.2 million. If everything goes according to plan then demolition of the site and construction will begin in August. The expected length of construction is estimated to last one year. A 3-dimensional tour of the building was said to be available at the next meeting.

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