Monday, December 6, 2010

NPN attends “If Feeling Good Were a Color”: The New Orleans Ballet Association fundraiser

The New Orleans Ballet Association (NOBA) gave an amazing event on December 4 at Harrah's Hotel to raise funds to continue training its young dancers and keep performances alive in the city through this great art form.

NOBA hosted an art exhibition by local artist Terrance Osborne. The show "If Feeling Good Were a Color," showcased the art work of Osborne along with live music from The Mark Weliky Jazz Trio to benefit the organization.

According to NOBA, all of the ticket sales and 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Osborne's featured work will go directly to the association. Osborne and his wife Stephanie, said they were truly excited about the turnout in support of NOBA last Saturday night. Many attendees were engulfed with Osborne's trademark style of glamorizing New Orleans culture through brisk, lively colors while evoking a strong sentimental feel through his artwork.

Over 20 portraits were on display at the event, including a few crowd pleasers such as the River Notes jazz band, From Nothing tree, Jazz Bouquet, the BP oil spill tribute entitled Crude Awakening, and the very popular Sydni's Moment ballet recital.

In order to enhance and preserve the works, Osborne's portraits are lithograph prints using the Giclee technique---a French word meaning to "spray" a liquid onto the surface.

For Osborne, he says there's a different kind of experience to know that his art is being used to heal, inspire and "make people feel good" for a great cause. Regarding future work, Osborne said he is working on recreating and rebuilding an old Grandfather clock with a swing pendulum. View the Terrence Osborne website at

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