Monday, February 14, 2011

Terry Mogilles and S.W. Green Mansion


Join me in celebrating Terry Mogilles' success in saving the Smith Wendell Green Mansion from demolition in MidCity. Terry did not have to endure Ku Klux Klan opposition as Green did while building the property but she did have to face officers at gunpoint and fight state bureaucrats to save this part of African American history in the City of New Orleans.

In case you missed yesterday's article in section B of the Times Picayune, here's the link on

Terry did all of this while running multiple day programs serving chronically homeless, indigent and mentally ill clients; caring for family members including an ill and aging father, and still checking in on The Renaissance Project Executive Director and others in the building to make sure all were doing okay.

We love you Terry.

Dr. Kimberley Richards
Regional Organizer/Core Trainer
The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
601 N Carrollton
New Orleans, La 70119

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