Friday, October 16, 2009

NPN's New Board of Directors

Voting for Neighborhoods Partnership Network's New 2010 Board of Directors took place on October 14th at The Urban League of New Orleans. Below are the new additions to NPN's Board:

Leslie Ellison
Tunisburg Square Civic Homeowners Improvement Association

Vaughn Fauria
Downtown Neighborhoods Improvement Association

Davida Finger
Carrollton Riverbend Association

Felicia Kahn
Baronne St. Neighbor Association

Robert Desmarais Sullivan
Central Carrollton Association

Sylvia Scineaux-Richard
New Orleans East, ENONAC

Standing Board Members:

Julius Lee (Real Timbers), Board Chair
Victor Gordon (Pontilly), Board Vice Chair
Sylvia McKenzie (Rosedale Subdivision)
Bill Waiters (Holy Cross)
Benjamin Diggins (Melia Subdivision)
Tilman Hardy (Pensiontown & Carrollton United)
Katherine Prevost (Bunny Friends NA)
Wendy Laker (MCNO)

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