Thursday, October 1, 2009

Community Gardens

This is a critical moment in the history of New Orleans’ food production. As citizens continue their work in revitalizing our city they should consider creating a resource for fresh, healthy food in their own neighborhoods. Establishing a community garden provides a sustainable and economical opportunity for the community to connect with one another while providing each other with fresh, locally grown produce.There are a total of 26 gardens now managed by Parkway Partners throughout New Orleans. Parkway Partners provides a horticulturist who partners with community residents to transform blighted, vacant lots into productive vegetable gardens and green spaces. We also provide seeds and cuttings, as well as ongoing support and educational workshops for community gardeners. Once gardens are established, our horticulturist will provide support that emphasizes sustainable methods.Our horticulturist makes regular visits to the gardens to assure they meet our standards. Each garden has a lead gardener who stays in regular contact with all of the gardeners in a particular community garden as well as our horticulturist. The horticulturist gives advice to the lead gardener on desirable plants for the season and provides sets as grown in our Greenhouse or seeds for direct seeding into the soil.Workshops are available to orient new gardeners and for special topics of interest. Information is distributed electronically or given by the lead gardener.
Created By: Parkway Partners
For more information about Parkway Partners visit their website: more information about gardens, including gardening tips, please visit:New Orleans Food and Farm Network: State University Agricultural Center:

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