Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trumpet Awards Voting OPEN!

Vote now for the 2009 Trumpet Awards.


  1. Your insistence that we vote on every category, even if we don't know anything about the nominees, and even if we want to write in a non-nominee we know about, is insulting.

    We've worked with Rebuilding Together, and find them to be focused, funded, and determined to help rebuild our city. We are honored to vote for them.

    We also know that Rev. Lance Eden, formerly of the First St. United Methodist Church, and now pastor of a non-demoninational Central City congregation, is a man who has put himself on the line to serve the people of Central City. We also know that Katherine Prevost of Bunny Friends has been a tireless and effective advocate for the citizens of the Upper Ninth. Why do we have to leave a comment to recognize them? Why can't we vote for them?

  2. Dear Mr. Kopra and Ms. Drorbaugh,

    Nominations were open from September 15th to October 20th. This was publicized through our newsletter (which goes out to the NPN mailing list), sent to all of our member organization for forwarding to their membership, on the website and mentioned in the paper edition of the Trumpet. I am sorry you missed this, as I would've loved to see your nominations included. Thank you for taking the time to recognize them here. Best, Kelly L. Landrieu