Monday, February 14, 2011

Dailet new director for Playworks New Orleans

Angela W. Daliet recently accepted the executive director position for Playworks New Orleans.

After the devastation following Hurricane Katrina, she responded by establishing Save Our Schools NOLA to help leverage public school parents and citizens as informed decision making partners for better educational equity and quality.

At Playworks New Orleans, Daliet will work to improve the outcomes for the same students that were served by SOSNOLA with a different type of youth development and school improvement tool - PLAY!

At Playworks schools, kids are physically active and have fun at recess. The students feel good about school and go back to class ready to learn. This positive impact on school climate is key to student achievement. Playworks is driven by the vision that one day all children will play safely at school everyday. Ultimately, Playworks stops chaos on school playgrounds, shifts students’ behavior in positive directions, and accelerates learning in the classroom.

There are so many ways you can get involved. Please check out the website at They have recess everyday in office around 3pm or email her at

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