Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How you too can help contribute to the oil spill victims

1. Donate an item for the Community Center to sell on eBay to raise awareness and funding to help oil spill victims. Gift certificates for your products or services make great sales items and help spread good publicity about your business! Please phone our Executive Director Iray Nabatoff to discuss an item donation at 504.281.2512.

2. Make a donation by cash, check or credit card using the red donation button at ccstb.org/commevents. We offer a range of support levels for any budget, or you can donate whatever amount works for you!

Bronze Level: $25 provides enough rice to feed 30 families nutritious grains for a week at our food pantry.
Silver Level: $100 buys enough nonperishable dried beans to supply 150 families with protein for 1 week.
Gold Level: $250 pays for 200 lbs of chicken thighs so that low-income families are able to eat a healthy diet.
Platinum Level: $1200 pays for the Center's utility bills for 1 month so that we can continue to help families in need.

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