Friday, March 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Melia Subdivision

By Jenise Green, Melia Subdivision, New Orleans East

I have been in the Melia Subdivision community for almost 15 years. What attracted me to the area was the quietness of the area and the neatly manicured yards.

The residents took pride in how their yard and neighborhoods looked. Post Katrina, I am proud to say the residents still have that same pride.

It has been a struggle post Katrina for some neighborhoods to come back. But our street, Stemway Drive is unlike any other. The neighbors really look out for one another. If they can help you, they will and just do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

My neighbor, Mr. Hamilton, cut the grass of the neighbor across the street (who did not return) for over a year. Mr. Hamilton told me he just wanted to do what he could to keep up the area.

Post Katrina, we still do not have the basic services we so desperately need. WE have been to numerous meetings about a hospital, schools and shopping areas. We pay our taxes just like everyone else and we deserve better.

Recently, we were told that an 80-bed emergency care center will open by the end of the year at Methodist Hospital. But, it has already been six years and this is needed right now.

All the children in my area are bused to different schools. We need more schools opened in New Orleans East.

Then, our community came together to restore Digsby Park. It was so nice to see volunteers from the Marriot, neighborhood and churches working together. It was a beautiful day and the residents were so excited. We worked with Rosedale and Pines Village Neighborhood Associations. I felt like the residents have worked for months to get this done and it seemed like it would not happen---but it did! The residents kept at it and would not give up and got it done.

That is such a good feeling.

I hope Melia Subdivision residents will keep up their resilient spirit to bring the rest of New Orleans East back, too.

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