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Horseback Riding and Outdoor Adventures for City Youth

The Crescent City Cowboy Ranch is everything inside of the blue line, and all the land to the northeast as far as you can see!

There is something special that often happens when a youngster comes face-to-face with a 2,500 lb horse. While horses can be large, they are intelligent, alert, curious, trainable, and fun.

They are also loving, sensitive, responsive, and easy to interact with. This makes them very special --– like a big, overgrown puppy. And that’s only some of what this adventure promises.

This is not your typical organized summer camp! In the lovely English Turn region of New Orleans, over the bridge and near the Mississippi River, this 40+ acre Crescent City Cowboy Ranch spread is all level, grassy, with a large pond and numerous shady trees. Each pasture is fenced. There are 14 stables. Most horses are turned out and wonder freely in the pastures.

From 10 to more than 300 youngsters can spend the day, (or several days), at the Crescent City Cowboy Ranch, south of the Mississippi River, but still in New Orleans. To enjoy the countryside, the fresh air, the quiet and the smell of the horses. They can sit together under the trees using the wood picnic tables; walk the area and explore nature; investigate the various pieces of farm machinery, even ride a farm tractor; have a horse assigned to care for – to clean, brush, feed and walk; help clean and organize the saddles and bridles; learn to ride and use only the fenced riding ring or even take a supervised trail ride.

Or they can do nothing but just enjoy watching their friends trying to learn about horses and riding! Kids can attend an evening cookout with a nearby campfire to make the entire trip most memorable.

The Crescent City Cowboy goes back many generations

Horse rancher Dave Williams was “born in the saddle”. He comes from generations of horse folk, is an expert rider and instructor, and routinely is hired to break horses for area families. He owns the horses on the ranch. He is also the “Horse Whisperer” of this region. Cowboy Dave participates in annual Mardi Gras parades with his Crescent City Riding Club, and has a black and gold Crescent City Cowboy float he sponsors.

Horses: Beautiful, healthy and in very great condition

There are more than 25 horses of all sizes and varieties, from ponies to muscular thoroughbreds, from Quarter horses to Western saddle horses. All of the horses are broken, friendly and can be ridden. They don’t bite! Each one will nuzzle your hand looking for a treat or just a friendly pat. Each horse will also stand quietly while being brushed. The horses are definitely available for you to have a casual ride around the farm to make your day. Riders with experience or promise will have the opportunity to ride on the trail at another time by arrangement –-- not during special events.

Other Activities

There are goats, a fierce ram, geese, ducks and chickens on the ranch, too! Children can pick eggs, feed the ducks, (bring bread), and the goats will eat virtually anything, (bring along this dry dog/cat food is great for goats and the ducks!) There are also fish in the lake! Bring a rod and some bait. Bring equipment such as a Frisbee, softball, football, volleyball, and any others to enjoy the wide open spaces. This is all up to you!


Any age allowed! Under 18 requires a signed written permission slip from parent/guardian. Over 18 signs proper paperwork at the ranch. These forms are supplied before the visit, or on-site.

Cost: Free to ride and play!

For up to 20 guests, a day at this ranch is free to all participants – free to just hang around, or free to ride, and everything in between. For 21 to 50 guests, there is a charge of $50 for portable toilet rentals, payable by check or cash on the day of your visit. For 51 to 100, a charge of $100 is required. Unless otherwise arranged, the Ranch rents all portable toilets.


The ranch provides a $1 million liability insurance policy. Certificates of insurance will be provided on request.


The ranch will provide electricity and water. Also provided will be picnic tables and barbeque grills. Portable toilets are rented and set-up.

Visitors will need to provide the following:

Transportation - round trip

Portable toilet for over 20 guests

• Bottled water

Meals, snacks

Charcoal for the grill

Snacks for horses – carrots, apples

Bread for goats, ducks and chickens.


Jeans and boots, (over the ankle) are recommended for riders. Soft-soled sneakers are not recommended. Remember, horses routinely fertilize the grounds, so expect to step in something before the day is over! Light gloves may also be preferred. A cap or hat may be needed, too.


Bookings will be on a first come basis, and can be any day excluding Sundays. The ranch is open from 10 a.m. until dusk.


It’s a 30-minute drive from the CBD.

Take the ramp onto US 90 Bus West – Crescent City Connection

Take the right exit toward General De Gaulle Dr.

Keep left at the fork and merge onto General De Gaulle Dr.

Stay south until you go over the next major bridge

At end, turn right onto LA-406 E which becomes River Road

The River is on your left as you pass fields, cattle and more

Turn right onto Delacroix Rd (see Crescent City sign)

Small shack on right corner “Man Cave”

Take the 1st left onto Willow Dr. (see Crescent City sign)

Delacroix turns into dirt if you miss this turn.

Turn left onto Crescent City Ranch Driveway (see sign)

You will have passed a Ranch pasture on left – many horses

Turn left into furthest Ranch pasture and park (the last pasture)

4.8 mi

2.7 mi

0.5 mi

0.9 mi

187 ft.

0.4 mi

For more information:

Crescent City Cowboy Ranch

Horseback Riding and Outdoor Adventures for City Youth

11514 Willow Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131

Or contact:

Brian Opert


“From the Ground Up’

WGSO 990 am Radio

Crime Fighting Live Radio Show in Greater New Orleans

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