Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kresge Foundation Awards $5.5 Million to Safety-Net

The Kresge Foundation ( ) in Troy, Michigan, has announced grants totaling $5.5 million to free public health clinics and safety-net organizations that provide care to under- served and low-income populations in rural and urban areas.

A total of $4.6 million was awarded through the foundation's Health Clinic Opportunity Fund, which was launched last year to help build the operational capacity of charitable health clinics, public health clinics, and clinics designated as federally qual- ified health center lookalikes -- facilities that did not receive federal stimulus money and, in many cases, have experienced a major increase in demand as a result of the economic downturn. As part of the fund's first grantmaking round, two-year, $300,000 grants were awarded to twenty clinics in twelve states and the District of Columbia. Recipients include Mobile Medical Care in Bethesda, Maryland; Mercy Primary Care Center in Detroit; and the Santa Cruz Women's Health Center in California. A second round of grants will be announced in June.

In addition, the foundation awarded grants totaling $900,000 through its four-year Safety-Net Enhancement Initiative, which is designed to reduce disparities and improve the health outcomes of low-income children and adults. Grants of $75,000 each were awarded to twelve public health agencies and community nonprofits in eleven states. Recipients include North Country Health Care in Flagstaff, Arizona; Primary Care Coalition in Baltimore; the Cleveland Clinic; and the Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation.

"Overall, these grants are intended to improve the quality and access to public health services for low-income and uninsured individuals," said David D. Fukuzawa, program director for Kresge's Health Team. "This is an opportunity to assist organi- zations serving the most vulnerable populations."

For a complete list of grant recipients, visit the Kresge Foun- dation Web site.
"$900,000 in Grant Awards for Safety-Net Enhancement Initiative; Additional $4.6 Million Awarded for Health Clinic Opportunity Fund Grants." Kresge Foundation Press Release 2/01/10.

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