Friday, June 12, 2009

Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools: News Conference

Yesterday, NPN attended Rethink's new conference about their latest project, "Kids Will Eat It!", which aims to bring fresh, local food to New Orleans' public schools.

Rethinker Isaiah Simms presents the report

The news conference was run entirely by the Rethink students, who presented their reports and findings to the large crowd of assembled community members and news stations. The Rethinkers recently conducted a taste test for students consisting of food made from locally grown ingredients to prove that they are willing to eat healthy foods - as long as it's good. The top scoring dishes included chicken pot pie, fruit smoothie, zucchini bread, cucumber tomato salad, and sweet potato biscuit.

A taste of Rethink's project

Members of New Orleans' education system were invited to taste the dishes that Rethink hope will be introduced into the menu of public schools.

Guests from various school districts sample the food

Among the special guests were the superintendent of the Recovery School District, the executive director of LA Association of Charter Schools, and the principal of Williams elementary school.

Rethink interns Josh & Ambuir look on at the press conference they helped coordinate

Rethink also discussed its Rooftop Garden Project, a community garden maintained by kids, as well as the "Can You Match Matt?" campaign, which encouraged donors to match the $10,000 recently donated to Rethink by actor Matt Damon.

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